Sewing Room Inspiration

I’m getting a new sewing room *Happy Dance* and that means i need some inspiration.

The trouble is we rent and i have to keep most of my old furniture. I will be adding a few new pieces though.

galant desk - ikea

The biggest difference will be my sewing machine desk. I got the Ikea Galant desk on sale just after christmas and i love the legs and thin top. it’s also deeper than my current desk so i’m hoping it just works better. I will have my Main sewing machine and over locker on it as well as all my little essentials sewing bits.

Expedit Shelf 1 row

I got this Ikea Kallax shelf from my sister that i am hoping to use with some basket inserts to hold my zips, buttons, overlocker threads, sewing books and current sewing projects

I also got my first Dressmakers model which i hope to use for inspiration for my personal projects and to drape fabric over to brighten the room.

Online Sewing Class

My cutting table will stay because it’s custom top was made by my dad and i love it!  I just need to paint the top white. It’s actually kitchen or laundry cabinet and the top is just glued onto the old top which has made it a tiny bit taller. It has great shelves underneath!

Now to consider lay out. It is smaller than i have now but large enough (hopefully) that the furniture doesn’t need to touch.

Sewing Room PlanThis layout what i currently have (somewhat) and it works really well for me.

I tend to cut projects in bulk and then take to my sewing desk. I also have plenty of room for my new photography lights that i can’t wait to use!

I would love to see your sewing rooms! especially storage solutions in the Facebook group

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