Tips for sewing Small things

Tips for sewing small

I had an email recently about how to sew around the top of my scissor pouch. You can find the tutorial for the scissor pouch here. Other small things you might sew may include pin cushions, Barbie clothes (ohh nooo) and embellishments for bags.  I wanted to share some tips of how to sew small things because it can be tricky!

Tips for sewing small

Slow Down.

With any delicate project you need to slow down and take your time. It also means it takes longer but you will get a better result i promise!

Use your FOOT!

Sewing machine foot that is. Choose the right one for the right job. I really think the edging foot is my saving grace for small projects and getting the perfect top stitching!

Remove the Sewing Table (bed)

Ready the machine!

Removing the sewing table part of your machine can really help if you have a bag or something that can easily fit around that part of the sewing machine.

Sew from the inside.

What does this mean? put the presser foot inside the item your sewing instead of on the outside. This can be particularly great for top stitching a clutch or wristlet. Turn the Item inside out and then with the right side of the bag facing up edge stitch.sewing on the inside

I would love to hear your tips for sewing small things, Leave a comment below or join me on Social media!

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