Mug Rug Magic

Mug Rug Magic

Sometimes all i want to do is sew just for me. I lack time to do that. I currently am in the middle of testing and designing new bag patterns for release for Easter. I also have a market coming up.

Mug Rug Magic

Between all the business stuff, my day job and family i find it really hard to fit in some creative stuff just for me. This can sometimes lead to me a loss of Sewjo.


When you decide to turn your much loved hobby into a full on business you really need to find a new hobby. My sewing is still my hobby but now my projects are work related research or fast!

That’s why i love mug rugs. They are a fast make, fun and useful! I make myself one at least every 6 months.

I have one at work, around the houseĀ and in my sewing room too.Once i make one i have a hard time retiring it.

So i was feeling the urge to create something just for me and just to sew something! i recently bought a Moda charm pack online.

Precut fabric packs are great when you don’t want to think too much about colour coordinating fabrics. it’s all been done for you and the fabric choices are so much easier.

I just cut the charm fabric pieces in half or quarters and created my cute mug rug.

I folded some quarters in half as well and pieced some pieces to make the small border pieces.

I quilted the top and the pellon and then just attached the backing right sides together and turned it out.

I finished with a top stitch to close the turning hole.

Mug Rug Magic on

I really loved making it and i think it turned out pretty good for a quick project.

I need to make more projects just for me! if you would like to see more of what i’ve been making check out my instagram!

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