Panic Clutch review

Panic Clutch review

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Ever since Emma from Emkie designs released the Panic clutch i have been waiting to try it out! i was just waiting to find the perfect vinyl. Purple Vinyl!

Panic Clutch

I’m not that amazing at sewing vinyl and i did procrastinate for a few days over it. But i put my walking foot on and my leather needle and i failed  practised 2 flaps before i was satisfied with my final flap.

This pattern is just 1 step up from a zippered pouch and a pattern perfect to challenge a beginner!

It does involve sewing over several layers but the instructions are clear about how to reduce bulk and i doubt it would break any needles. Plenty of clips and your good to sew!

The panic clutch has large zipper tabs to ensure the zip is hidden under the flap and yet it still is a good size to fit everything in.

inside of panic clutch

I used fusible fleece on my exterior pieces and medium weight interfacing on the lining and it’s the perfect combination for this clutch. On the flap i used medium interfacing on the lining of the flap but nothing on the vinyl.

Back to the vinyl. I had one hiccup in the final minutes of sewing this clutch my iron touched and melted the vinyl in a corner. I’m investing in a roller and will be sure to use a pressing cloth in future. it’s so small and on the back so most would not even notice.

Panic Clutch twist lock

The heart twist lock did take me some time too! i’m not use to cutting out hearts. But it looks so good! i have 1 more of these heart locks and i can’t wait to use it on something!

I love my panic clutch and plan to use it for an upcoming wedding!

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I will be making this again for sure and would also love to round the corners of this pattern. It looks really good with all fabric too!

You can find the Panic Clutch Sewing pattern Here

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