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Are you in love with etsy? … i am!

It’s been around for a long time, but i have always wondered why people make them.
Well I’ve done my research and new i’m showing you how to set up a treasury on Etsy

Treasuries are great as another way to find items of interest on Etsy, businesses are encouraged to promote items they love.

This is a great way to get noticed more by potential customers. If you have a business tribe you may want to create treasuries with each others products.

It may may be items in competition with their product or it could be something that may compliment their product. You should avoid posting the same two products from the same shop and your own items.

An example of these is my treasury of Beautiful bag Patterns, i’ve promoted other bag designers that i collaborate with often and patterns i have tried or want to! A store selling furniture may want to create a treasury for accessories that may match that specific furniture item.

It could be the same for kids items, create a treasury just for certain themes or colours. They are so much fun to create and gives your customers ideas on how to use your product.

Cool huh! Well here’s how to make your own treasury list!

Go to copy

on the right hand side you’ll see create a list.

Be specific with your name of your list, use the tags well. and put in a good description.

treasury discription

Open another tab in your browser, open etsy in the new tab and find items you want to add to your treasury! Add all 12 items to your list to get the best exposure on Etsy.
treasury final

Advertise your treasury list on Social media, people can comment on it!

You can my treasury here, I’ll be adding a lot more in the future!

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