How to make foam Stabiliser fusible

Making Foam fusible

I’m starting a how to series, it will include basic sewing instructions and specific bag making instructions.

I wanted to start with this one as Vilene sent me a sample of their newest product Style-vil. It’s a great new sew in foam. I haven’t used a lot of foams however i did use one for The Luna bag pattern. I wish i had Style-vil back then!

I use Vilene products a lot, mostly fusible vilene H 630 and H 640 for bags. I use them because they are easily available in Australia and inexpensive. I’m always impressed with the results.

The Style-vil is a great product and will allow bags to stand very well. The only thing i wish it was, is fusible. But thats ok! We can make non fusible foam, fusible really easily.

I’ve used heat and bond light in this example but you can use Vilene’s own Bondaweb, or other double-sided adhesive product that you would use for applique.

This test sample i have used is 4″ x 4″ piece of Style-vil and heat and bond light and placed it on 5″ x 5″ piece of fabric.

Fusing Foam stabiliser

I cut my heat and bond and style-vil to the same size and followed the heat and bond instructions to adhere to the style-vil. It  can be ironed with a pressing cloth over it. The style-vil did really well and it’s recommended you press to remove wrinkles from the foam before use.

I then removed the paper backing from the heat and bond and ironed my fabric onto it.

Fusing Foam stabiliser

It bonded really well! It looks great and i can still stitch it.

Fusing Foam

I really recommend doing this for your bags, Try it for yourself.

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