Book Week – Easy Costumes

Blinky and nutsy

Book week is hard for busy parents like us and then the school makes it based on Australian Books which makes it even harder! In reality this means no princesses and superhero’s or store most bought costumes! Thanks…

I had to talk my oldest out of going to school as a convict and i convinced him to go as Blinky Bill! YES! Easy!

Blinky bill
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The blinky bill costume is read pants with a strap that goes from the back of the pants to the front of the pants with a big yellow button holding it in place. And a grey t-shirt

Blinky and nutsy

I bought red cotton fabric and used a pair of pajama pants to get a basic pant pattern. I quickly made the pants with wide legs to make them a bit baggy. I measured the strap as best i could and attached it once the pants were finished. I used velcro to make it attach to the pants at the front.  Thanks to my huge button collection i had a yellow button for the strap to look like it was button up!

A friend had me make her daughter a nutsy koala outfit which was also very easy. I bought light lavender fabric to make the dress and light pink fabric make the hanky.

The dress pattern is the seaside dress by Tadah patterns, which is a quick sew and so cute. The hanky is a large triangle that i have rounded, a bit like a giant dribble bib.

I love that my friends daughter can continue to wear the dress in summer because i overlocked on the seams. My son’s costume was a total rush job and can only be hand washed! Next year i will be more prepared!

Now i can get back to a few bag patterns!

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