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Have to told you i’m addicted to making pencil cases at the moment? It could be because i find it very relaxing to colour in using glitter gel pens.

I made myself a new pencil case for all of my pens last week using the Kindle case tutorial and resizing it down slightly. It fits so many pens that i may have bought more of them…

I wanted to make some cute cases for friends and to sell in my store. These are so cute i needed to give you a tutorial!

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Triangle Pencil case sewing pattern

You’ll need:

(1) 12″ – 14″ zip and the The Triangle Pencil Case Pattern Piece! or you can find it on CRAFTSY

You’ll need to cut out:

(2)  exterior fabric

(2)  lining fabric

(2) fusible fleece, i used vilene 340

(2) light – medium weight fusible interfacing.

Fuse your fleece to the wrong side exterior pieces

Fuse your interfacing to the wrong side of the lining pieces.

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Take a lining piece and put it right side up on the table place the zip along the top edge with the zipper pull facing up.

Triangle pencil case

Place the exterior piece right side down on top lining up the top edge.

Pin, clip or glue to hold in place and sew 1/4″ along the top edge.

Triangle pencil case

Press pieces right side out, attach the other exterior and lining piece to the other side of the zip in the same way.

Triangle pencil case

Press all the pieces away from the zip.

At this point you can top stitch however it’s not needed if you press really well.

Ensure the zipper pull is in the middle of the case.

Triangle pencil case

Place the lining pieces and exterior pieces right sides together. Face the teeth of the zip towards the lining, this is important for the zip to sit correctly.

How to match side seams

I used a metal zip, with metal zips it’s important to walk the sewing foot over the zip teeth, if you have a nylon zip, sew slow.

Sew each side of the case with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Trim the zip ends.

Leave a turning hole on the bottom of the lining piece 3-4″ long.

Triangle pencil case

create the flat bottom by nesting the corner seams and sew 1/2″ from the edge.

nest seams

Do this for all 4 corners. You may need to reach through the turning hole to open the zip fully.

Triangle pencil case

Pull the pencil case right side out through the turning hole.

Press and the stitch the hole closes with and edge stitch.

Triangle pencil case

Enjoy your cute triangle pencil case!

Triangle Pencil Case

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5 thoughts on “Triangle Pencil Case Tutorial

  1. I made 1 pencil case from the pattern. Super simple, quick sewing project. I’ll be making more.

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