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ironing tips for sewing

I really dislike ironing, but sewing has made me appreciate and even get excited over irons.

when i get a new piece of fabric newly washed and in need of a press, it’s pretty satisfying to see it all neat and ironed.

I just bought myself a new iron and i usually don’t spend a lot of irons because i use it for sewing, clothing and ironing everything in the house.

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Keep your iron clean:

When sewing with interfacings, and other adhesives it’s easy for your iron to become dirty and if it stays dirty it can then get stained.

The adhesive stuck to your iron can also ruin your project, this is heartbreaking at the end of a project when you are doing a final press and find a mark on it! This has happened to me a few times!

There are lots of ways to clean an iron. Bo-Nash Iron Clean sheets are great for getting off adhesives.

I tend to clean as i go, and you know when you need to clean your iron, it won’t glide over fabric as well or it may let off a chemical smell.

 Emkie Designs Posted about using Panadol to clean an iron base.

Keep your iron watered!

When Ironing for sewing you will need steam for pressing or a lot of steam for pressing fusible fleece. Ensure before you turn your iron on it’s got plenty of water.

Some irons do not function well without any water in them at all. Ensure you use distilled water it will mean your iron will last longer. NEVER exceed the maximum water point on your iron.

Know whats what:

Know what type of fabric you are ironing/pressing and what temperature your iron should be set at.

Steam ironing is only possible at higher ironing temperatures, for cotton and linen.

After setting the temprature control to the required position wait for 2 minutes so that the iron reaches the set temperature before ironing.

Tools of the Trade:

Guess what?! You don’t need an expensive iron to do a great ironing job. However other tools of the trade can really assist in getting a great ironing finish.

There are a few irons that stand out of the crowd. The Oliso® Pro™ Smart Iron with iTouch® TG1600 is amazing and i love the Smartek Mini Iron – 4″ for applique.

The tools you will need for the best results:

A good pressing surface is a must. – Learn how to make a travel Pressing surface!  

Tailors ham and tailors sleeve roll – Learn how to make them.

Spray Starch – for crisp fabric!

Pressing cloth (Rajah cloth) or White dish cloth.

Spray bottle of water – get the wrinkles out quickly.

 I hope these tips and tools help you iron and press like a pro! Check out my free tutorials for your next project!

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