Enlarging the Luna Bag

Easily Enlarge the luna Bag

I get questions about how to up-size the Luna Laptop bag often.

I created it in the handbag size which fits smaller laptops, tablets and e-readers and also a laptop size that fits 13″ laptops.

it’s a pattern that is quite easy to increase in side or down size for your needs and i thought i would show you how.

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It’s easy to enlarge most of my patterns just by increasing at the centre front.

First i put the pattern piece on a large piece of paper. I increase the centre front/back the amount needed.

I ensure that all the other pattern markings are transferred. The flap snap closure is also to be moved up as the bag will be taller.

All angles should be followed.

size increase the luna bag

 i have just increased the height of the side piece.

size increase the luna bag

I used the pieced exterior as a pattern piece to cut out the lining.

The flap piece will need to also be widened at it’s center and heightened to ensure the closure is the same.

I hope this has helped answer any questions about enlarging the Luna bag for a larger laptop.

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