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I’ve wanted to bring a way to really bring people to my website and reward them too! An affiliate program seems like the perfect fit.

Whats an affiliate program? Well you can sign up,  become an affiliate, use the affiliate links to recommend Lorelei Jayne Patterns and products and receive 20% of each sale.

The amount is paid monthly into your paypal account and each referral link cookie lasts for 15 days once clicked.

To be an effective affiliate try my patterns and share your photos via social media (FB, Twitter, instagram, Pinterest) and blogs! Post honest reviews of patterns you have tried and use an the affiliate links.

If you have a craft or sewing blog, have a handmade business or largely active on social media sewing groups you can earn quite a lot with affiliate programs.

You can easily log in and see your balance at any time.

Sign up today!

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