Charli Bag Sewing Pattern Subscriber Special

Charli Bag sewing pattern

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The Charli Bag is a Crossbody Bag. It features an exterior zip pocket and inner phone pocket.

It’s an adorable small bag that’s perfect for a day out!

This bag is great for beginner sewists and will only take you an afternoon to sew!

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Charli Bag Sewing patternThanks so much for your support and i hope you love sewing up Charli Bags as much as i do!
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8 thoughts on “Charli Bag Sewing Pattern Subscriber Special

  1. I have noticed on several cross body patterns, including your Charli bag, that one strap end is attached on front of bag and the other end of strap is attached on the back of bag. Most patterns have the strap attached on the side seams. Does attaching the strap on front side and back side make the bag “hang” better? Or is there a specific reason for this? Thanks!

  2. Charlotte,
    It can reduce bulk on the side seams, and can sit flatter on the body. Mainly it’s just a design feature i liked.
    Many people have made the Charli with the straps at the sides and it looks great!

  3. Your answer does make complete sense that the side seam bulk would be greatly reduced. I will try your procedure on the next cross body bag I make. Thanks for your prompt answer to my question.

  4. Hello happy new year. this looks lime a fun pattern to make the pattern i printed is to mall. can someone please help?

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