Sew a Lace Zipper Tutorial

sewing tutorial for sewing lace zipper

I’ve had these Lace zips for about 3 years and i have wanted to make some pouches with them!

My previous make up pouch had seen better days and i have just bought this beautiful Tilda fabric from a market!

I’ll be show you two easy ways to use lace zips in pouches. They look so good!

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before starting i recommend giving your zip a light press with the iron to ensure it sits flat.

I also recommend some awesome fabric glue. I use sewline glue for my zips and it works great!

Sewline Water Soluble Glue Pen & Refills

from: Craftsy

I made my pouches just a little bit shorter than my zips.

First thing to do with either method is take your fabric pieces and sew the exterior an lining pieces right sides together along the top with a 1/4″ seam.

Lace zipper tutorial

Press the seam open and put the lining piece to the back.

The first way which is also my favorite way is to lay your fabric along the back of the lace zip.

how to install lace zip

You’ll notice on the back of the zip the back is darker where the zip teeth are. There’s a light where it slightly changes colour.

sew at lace zip

lay the stitched edge along that line and glue it. The lace is on the exterior.

Always stitch the zipper on to the pouch from the front (exterior) stitch 1/4″ from the zip teeth.

If you like to stitch really close to the zip teeth try the following method.

Lay your pieces flat with the seams facing each other and the exterior facing up.

Zig zag stitch with a large stitch at each end within the pouch seam allowance. (This will be cut apart later.)

Zig Zag together for lace zip

Lay the zipper right side up on the exterior side along seams matching the zipper teeth with the seam as much as possible.

2 lace zipper sewing methods

Stitch down each side of the zip 1/8 from the zipper pull.

Clip the zig zag stitches. This method allows the lace to flare a bit on top.

Continue to make the pouch just like you would normally. Check out my Triangle Pencil case or Cute card and coin pouch to show you how.

They turned out so cute!how to install lace zipper

lace zipper sewing tutorial

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