Sewing Room Makeover

I’m currently sitting at my new desk i feel extremely lucky to have build just yesterday and now my office/studio/sewing room looks just like i have imagined for so long.

I have built a sewing room that is functional and pretty! It was inexpensive too!

This blog post is not sponsored in any way. I just love ikea.

I have quite a small room and i was using a small Linnmon desk and a galant desk.

It wasn’t working! My Computer monitors were hanging over the edge of the desk and i couldn’t put paperwork next to me. I was in need of some organisation!

Because i rent i can’t do anything to the walls. I have to be creative, good thing i’m good at that!

I used a trusty tape measure and put the measurements in adobe illustrator, There are a lot of room building websites with free software.

In illustrator i made the artboard the size of my room to scale. I put all the furniture as squares of symbols, added the large equipment i use too.sewing room layout in illustrator

I didn’t put little things like desk legs, most of my computer equipment.

Now the shopping part. First i went onto the ikea website.

They have a great feature called shopping list, you can make a shopping list, connect to your store and it will tell you where everything is in the warehouse. You can email it to yourself!

I had not been to ikea in a long time so i of course wanted the full experience (even lunch) and my mum and i walked around the whole store.

I bought some accessories to get organised and to match the new colours in the room.

I bought a Grundtal wall rail (40cm) and installed it on the side of a cabinet i already had making my cutting area more organised. It only just fit!

OK onto the giant desk! I wanted 2 workspaces and i decided to go large! i got two 150cm linnmon desks. i also bought a grey Alex drawer unit. I wanted white but they have sold out.

I think it was fate because i went into the as is section (The reject section) and they had an grey Alex unit on display and it said it was $49 But that it came in the flat pack. I asked the ikea worker if there was anything wrong with them and he said nothing just that they were discontinued as they are now making them humidity resistant. Well Perth isn’t that bad with humidity!

 So i picked up the Alex Drawers for $49 they retail for $119! Each Linnmon was $45 and i bought 4 new Andil legs for $5 each

With accessories it was $180. I was thinking it would be over $220 wow!

Putting my purchases in the car i was reminded of the Australian Ikea advert where the woman screams get in the CAR!!!!

After ikea it was off to bunnings where i bought some brackets to attach the desks together to make it extra stable. The staff were very helpful and i bought a packet of small brackets.

I spent the afternoon building the desk and then the evening putting my studio back together. which was the best bit!

This space makes me feel so creative and productive and i’m so glad i chose to do it all this weekend!

Sewing room make over

Improvements are still needed. I’m going to be painting my cutting desk top white and making an small ironing surface with storage.

I hope you all get to design the perfect creative space for yourselves.

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