Adding a Slider to a Bag Strap

add a slider to a handmade bag Free sewing pattern

I’ve told you about how i make my straps look professional every time on my post about making better straps.

Now learn how to attach a slider to your strap!

It’s so easy, great for function of your bags and will give your bag a professional look.

Sliders by HandbaghardwareOZ
Sliders available at HandbaghardwareOZ

Sliders come in a lot of different sizes and looks!

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¬†Once you have created your strap it’s easy to attach a slider. in my example i have use clips but it would be the same if you were attaching it straight to O rings.

You could also attach one side to an O ring and 1 side straight to the bag.

Slide on an O ring or swivel clip.handbag strap sliders how to sew and make bag straps

Attach one end of the strap to the slider centre pole.

Learn to add a slider to handbag straps

Thread the other side of the strap through the slider. Ensure that this is the correct side of the strap and it’s not twisted.

how to add a slider to any handmade handbag bag sewing pattern

Attach the other clip onto the other side.

bagmaking adding a slider to a strap on bag sewing pattern

Attach the strap to your bag and adjust the length to suit you and your style of bag.

I hope this tutorial helps you make useful and beautiful bags, check out my other tutorials.

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