May Catch Up at Lorelei Jayne

hop scotch sewing tutorial

May was a catch up sewing month because i needed to push a lot of sewing aside while releasing The afternoon sewing Ebook.

I am happy to report i am almost finished with my to sew pile! i am sure you know it never really ends, projects constantly get added.

The biggest sewing project i had in May was the burlap and tilda hopscotch i made for a friend. It turned out so well and i wrote a blog post about sewing with burlap.

sewing with burlap, sewing with hessian

Sewing with burlap or hessian was a lot easier than i thought it would be and the results are outstanding. If i had to do the project over again the only thing i would do differently would be using a cutting machine like a scan and cut to cut the fabric to make it a faster project. I will be using a scan and cut for my next burlap project coming up in the next few months.

hop scotch sewing tutorial

I have updated some photos on my site as i am learning (slowly) how to improve my photography. I invested in a new DSLR camera and you may notice my instagram photos have greatly improved.

The perth craft show was on in May and I picked up some great fabric from myfabricology and other fabric vendors there, Tried out amazing sewing machines and saw a sewing machine with a golden sewing foot. You can see that post in the Lorelei Jayne facebook group.

Some more creations i shared on instagram in May from fellow bagineers!

If you have created bags using Lorelei Jayne Patterns and tutorials i would love to see them on social media, use #loreleijayne and i will check them out!
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