Add a vinyl pocket to the Anne pouch

I recently bought some beautiful Glitter vinyl from Bunnings and couldn’t wait to try it out! It’s in the flooring section with the table cloths if you want to buy some too!

It’s lovely to work with and i wanted to show you how easy it can be! I’ve added made a pocket for the Anne pouch, as an example. But i also plan to use it instead of mesh in the mesh pouch to see how cute that turns out!

Add a Vunyl pocket to the anne pouch sewing tutorial

The sewing tips i have included can really help you to sew with vinyl in bags and pouches. and make adorable projects.

To sew with vinyl you will need a teflon or walking foot. Or you can make your normal sewing foot sew this easier by sticking tape on the bottom of the foot and  it creates a smooth surface to ease the vinyl through the machine.

You may also use tissue paper to help the vinyl not stick to your machine however if it is sandwiched between the fabric this isn’t really a problem.

Increase the stitch length to 3+ this will help the vinyl move through the sewing machine easier. 

To add the vinyl pocket use the pocket piece included in the Anne pattern pieces and cut out 1 piece of vinyl.

To create the top binding cut out a fabric strip that is 1.5″ x 10″ fold the long sides in half wrong sides together. Open and fold both sides into the middle to the centre line just created. Press and fold in half again. Press well.

Fold this binding over the top edge of the pocket piece sandwiching the vinyl in the middle, use clips to hold in place as you sew. Edge stitch along the edge of the binding. Avoid Pins when using Vinyl as it creates holes.

Baste stitch the pocket onto one exterior of the exterior pieces and continue making the Anne pouch using the FREE sewing tutorial.

This project turned out so cute! i can’t wait to make more with my new vinyl! I hope you enjoyed it!

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