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sewing SVG file

I have dived head first into creating SVG files! I recently bought a Cricut Maker to assist in all thing sewing and crafting and i absolutely adore it! before purchasing i spent a lot of time (6 months at least) researching which cutting machines are best for sewists and what these types of machines can really do. I also tried the Brother scan and cut because i know a lot of quilters use it. Luckily my sister has one and she let me test drive it for 2 weeks. I did like it but when it came to cutting thicker fabrics like cork and leather it just didn’t cut it! I also thought it’s connectivity wasn’t the best.

I’m the type of person that really likes to get my money’s worth and when spending so much money i have to be able to use it with most projects and have it last for a long time! The Cricut Maker has been perfect for what i wanted! The rotary blade is the best for cutting all sorts of fabric including cork and vinyl.

Now i’ve become addicted to making SVG files for all my patterns for myself and i have been thinking about releasing them for my patterns! Now they are available for most of my patterns! If you have a cutting machine that uses SVG files head to my shop and see the SVG files available!

More will be added as i design! I’ve created a shot video on how to use my SVG files to cut your pattern pieces out in the fabrics you need.

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