Cork Duo Sewing Pattern

If you love sewing cork as much as i do then you will be super excited about my newest pattern release. I decided to release two patterns in one! This duo pattern is perfect if you have never sewn with cork, leather or vinyl before as it is a gentle introduction and easy beginner friendly patterns.

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T-shirt Release!

super cute Bagineer t-shirt sewing apparel

4 amazing t-shirt designs are now avai! I am so excited to get these out to you! These T-shirts are so comfortable and i love the designs!

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Add a vinyl pocket to the Anne pouch

Working with Vinyl fabric is easy. This is a tutorial to sew vinyl fabric. use the tips to sew vinyl into any vinyl bag or vinyl pouch.

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Lorelei Jayne Paper Patterns

Dana Bag Paper Sewing Pattern

Lorelei Jayne now offers Paper Sewing Patterns, check out our shop!

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Cutlery Pouch Tutorial

I have been wanting to make a cutlery pouch for work for quite a while and i am also wanting to add a metal straw. Now it’s sitting on my desk reminding me of all of the pretty fabric i have at home waiting to be sewn!

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June – July Catch up at Lorelei Jayne

I am not sure if anyone noticed but i gave myself a slow June and July to get my sewing projects done, to spend time with the kids and generally slow down. I took it easy and didn’t do much work and didn’t have much to blog about in June, in July i did a bit more and thought it best to combine the catch up.

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May Catch Up at Lorelei Jayne

hop scotch sewing tutorial

May was a catch up sewing month because i needed to push a lot of sewing aside while releasing The afternoon sewing Ebook. I am happy to report i am almost finished with my to sew pile! i am sure you know it never really ends, projects constantly get added. The biggest sewing project i had in May was the burlap and tilda hopscotch i made for a friend. It turned out so well and i wrote a blog post about sewing with burlap. Sewing with burlap or hessian was a lot easier than i thought it would be and […]

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Sewing with Burlap and Hessian

sewing with burlap, sewing with hessian

I’ve been working on some special project with a friend that involve sewing with Burlap or Hessian. The first project has turned out wonderful and i wanted to share some of my tips for sewing and using Hessian so you will see how fantastic the material can be. Here are my top tips for working with Burlap and Hessian.

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