Pouch Pattern Club – Coming Soon

The Pouch Pattern Club 6 sewing patterns for 6 months

I’ve been working on something new! Pouch Pattern Club is coming soon! I would love for you to sign up to the newsletter to keep updated and receive the early bird special discount when i release the purchase details!

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Add Zipper Tabs Sewing Tutorial

Zipper Tab Tutorial

Using zipper tabs on your bags or pouches ensures a square look. It’s a simple step that gives you professional bag making results. I make my zipper tabs wider and then cut them down. This accounts for stitches going badly or fabric not being straight.

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Craftsy is now Blueprint

Some Craftsy pattern stores have closed and some sewing patterns have been removed (including mine) while Blueprint renovates the sewing pattern side of the site.

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Look Back at 2018

I'm not messy i'm creatively organised t-shirt on lorelei jayne

Happy New year! looking back at the year past is really important for me. I list out my biggest successes and things i could have done better and what i have learnt. Then i start planning for the new year ahead!

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Phone Pocket tutorial

Creating a pocket in any bag for your phone is a great feature. The main pockets i have in my bags are a zipper pocket, card pocket, an ID pocket and a phone pocket. 

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T-shirt Release!

super cute Bagineer t-shirt sewing apparel

4 amazing t-shirt designs are now avai! I am so excited to get these out to you! These T-shirts are so comfortable and i love the designs!

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June – July Catch up at Lorelei Jayne

I am not sure if anyone noticed but i gave myself a slow June and July to get my sewing projects done, to spend time with the kids and generally slow down. I took it easy and didn’t do much work and didn’t have much to blog about in June, in July i did a bit more and thought it best to combine the catch up.

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May Catch Up at Lorelei Jayne

hop scotch sewing tutorial

May was a catch up sewing month because i needed to push a lot of sewing aside while releasing The afternoon sewing Ebook. I am happy to report i am almost finished with my to sew pile! i am sure you know it never really ends, projects constantly get added. The biggest sewing project i had in May was the burlap and tilda hopscotch i made for a friend. It turned out so well and i wrote a blog post about sewing with burlap. Sewing with burlap or hessian was a lot easier than i thought it would be and […]

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