Anne Pouch Tutorial

anne pouch

I wanted to start the year right. And how better to do that than with a new Pattern tutorial!

I made this pouch for my mum as part of her Christmas present and i am naming it after her too. Introducing the Anne Pouch.

What i love about pouches is that they can be used for what ever you want. This one is no exception, add a wrist strap and it’s a wristlet, use it as a clutch, a makeup bag, a pencil case.

This project is Fat quarter friendly and really quick to sew.

Please be aware i have created this Pattern for PERSONAL USE, if you wish to sell Anne pouches i request you purchase a licence here.

Lets get started!

This is what you need:

1 x 10″ zip

1 x 1/2″ (14mm) magnetic snap

1/4 Yard of Exterior Fabric

1/4 Yard Lining Fabric (or less)

1/4 Yard light fusible fleece (vilene 630)

1/4 Yard light/medium weight interfacing

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The Pattern Pieces are can be downloaded here. or you can get them on Craftsy.

Prepare the zip. Move the zipper pull to the centre of the zip and cut the zip to be 9″

Cut 2 Zipper tabs 2 1/2″ x 1 1/2″

Fold each zipper tab in half, short sides wrong sides together.
Open out and fold each short end in to meet in the centre.
Press and fold over and press.
Fold the tabs over each end of the zipper and stitch 1/8” from the folded edge.

zip collage

Fuse the Fleece to the exterior pieces and the interfacing to the lining pieces.

Fold the pocket Piece in half measure down 1″ from the centre on the back half of the pocket or use the pattern piece for the magnetic snap.

install magnetic snap

***If you’re using directional fabric (like me) be careful when you are installing the male part of the magnetic snap to the back side of the pocket so you wont see from the front.

Mark the snap holes using the snap backing plate. Use a seam ripper to carefully make the small holes.

Ensure the snap is on the right side of the fabric. Put the backing plate over the prongs and push them down.
Fuse a scrap piece of fusible fleece over the prongs.

install magnetic snap

Fold again and press well, Top stitch along the fold with a 1/8″ seam allowance.

Anne pouch tutorial

I mark the snap on the Bag piece by placing some marker ink on the male snap part, lining it up on the bag piece and pressing down. or you could use the pattern piece.

The ink will go on to the exact part you need to place the female side of the snap.

install it just like you did the male side.

Anne pouch tutorial

Place the pocket and pouch piece with snap put together. Baste stitch (larger stitches) around the sides bottom.

Anne Pouch by lorelei Jayne

Your pouch is ready to be sewn together.

Place the zipper centred right sides together (zipper pull down) on top of the external pouch piece.
Place the lining on top of the zip.

Anne Pouch by lorelei Jayne

Use pins, glue or use clips while sewing a 1/4” from the raw edge down the zipper starting on the zipper tab and finishing on the other zipper tab. This will ensure that square look at the top of the pouch.

Anne Pouch by lorelei Jayne
Open out, press pieces away from the zipper.

Anne Pouch by lorelei Jayne
Attach the exterior and lining to the other side of the zip the same way being careful to ensure that the fabric lines up with the other side as best you can.
Open out, press pieces away from and top stitch on both 1/8” away from the zipper.

Anne Pouch by lorelei Jayne

Pull the Zipper pull to the centre!

Now match up and pin the two front pieces together and the two lining pieces together.
Ensure that the zipper teeth point towards the lining.

Anne Pouch by lorelei Jayne

Stitch around the Pouch with a 3/8″ seam allowance leaving a 4″ hole at the bottom of the lining for turning.

Using the hole you left in the lining reach through and pull the pouch right side out.
Once the pouch is right side out fold in the hole and top stitch it closed.
Put the lining into the bag and give the pouch a good press.

Anne Pouch by lorelei Jayne

I hope you love your Anne pouch as much as my mum loves hers!

The Anne Pouch

For more awesome tutorials like this one take a look at the tutorials page!

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10 thoughts on “Anne Pouch Tutorial

  1. The fleece is fused to the exterior and interfacing to the lining. However it is personal preference too.

  2. Lovely pattern thank you.

    I can’t find the size of the completed pouch. Can you please advise?

    Thank you.

  3. Ok at a loss here I got my bag done and now im to were you add the lining are the raw edges facing the zipper? ANd when you flip it how do the raw edges get sewed by the zipper? Or am I reading this wrong Please help feeling frustrated.

  4. Made this several times as Easter gifts for five of the girl grands. During the egg hunt one of the male grands wanted to know where his “purse” was. They were very popular. I did switch out the magnetic snap with matching colored Kam snaps.

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