Yarn Bag Tutorial

Yarn Bag tutorial

I dabble in crochet. I can’t make clothing or anything too fancy but if i want a baby blanket or a scarf i can make it.

I recently started a lap blanket for myself and i realised i have no bag for my yarn and used a plastic bag. It didn’t really work that well especially when trying to watch TV with the rustling noises of plastic! Haha!

Now that i finished the blanket, i have designed an easy quick sew yarn bag. It has a pocket with a snap closure for your hooks too!

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Download the Pattern pieces HERE or on Craftsy

This is a pattern and tutorial created for personal use. If you would like to sell the bags made with this tutorial I ask that you buy a Licence HERE.

inside pocket

You’ll need:

 Pattern Pieces Download HERE

1/2 a metre of exterior fabric

1/2 metre of Lining

1/2  metre of Medium Interfacing

1/2 fusible fleece (i used vilene H630)

1 Snap set.

Use the pattern pieces:

Cut 2 exterior bag pieces

Cut 2 lining bag pieces

Cut 2 bag pieces in medium interfacing

Cut 2 bag pieces in Fusible Fleece

Cut 2 pocket pieces

Cut 2 pocket pieces in medium interfacing

The pattern pieces should be put together like the below picture:how to use PDF patterns, place together

Lets get making:

Attach interfacing following manufacturer’s instructions to lining pieces of bag and each piece of the pocket.

Attach the fusible fleece to the exterior bag pieces.

Create the pocket by sewing the pieces together leaving a turning hole at the top.

20160425_142033 copy

Clip corners and turn right side out. Fold in turning hole, press and top stitch 1/8” away from the top seam this will close the turning hole.

Install the Male side of the snap in the pocket piece, centred ½” down from the top.

Find the centre of one of the lining pieces. Pin the Pocket piece to the lining with the bottom of the pocket  5” up from the bottom.

Perfect snap pockets

Mark where to place the female snap piece by putting erasable market on the tip of the male piece and pressing it onto the lining piece.

Attach the female side of the snap to the lining so it lines up with the male side

snap Pocket

Sew the sides and bottom edges of the pocket 1/8” away from the sides attaching it to the lining piece.

Lay bag pieces right sides together and sew each side seam and bottom using 3/8” seam allowance.

Create boxed corners by by nesting the seams of the side and bottom, creating a triangle. Sew straight across 2” from the point

Creating boxed corners

Create the lining of the bag the same way as the exterior.

Turn the exterior bag right side out and keep the lining wrong side out

Place the exterior bag inside the lining.  Match the side seams and handle.

Sewing Tutorial

Sew up each side of the handle and stop about 2 inches before the end. Clip around the curves being careful not to clip into the stitching.

Yarn Bag sewing tutorial

Reach into one of the ends of the handle and pull the bag through turning it right side out.

Yarn Bag

This bit is tricky, place the ends of the two lining handle pieces right sides together and attach with a 1/2” seam. Press seam open.

tricky bits

Place the end of the two exterior handle pieces right sides together and attach with a 3/8” seam.

Press Seam open and turn the handle right side out.

Fold the side edges of the handles in by 3/8”  and press. Top stitch 1/8” away from the edge,  around each handle hole closing the holes.

Yarn bag tutorial

Press well!

Yarn Bag Tutorial

Enjoy your new Yarn bag!

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6 thoughts on “Yarn Bag Tutorial

  1. Thank you, Lorelei, for sharing your yarn bag tutorial + pattern. I look forward to making a few of these to give as Christmas gifts for my knitting friends. I have just the appropriate fabric for this project too!!

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