Is sewing Art?

Is sewing Art?

The topic of whether sewing and craft is art has been floating around in my head and on the internet recently.

My view is if it was skilfully researched, designed and sewn it could well be art. if hours upon hours went into making a piece it could totally be art.

The definition of art as in the Oxford dictionary:

“the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power”

Is my sewing art – no… I’m sadly not that dedicated.

However sewing can be art. I’ve seen it at quilt shows, in amazing quilts and other items, In the amazing costumes made by my favourite costume designers. Even fashion designers have created art that can be put on a model and made in such a way it come to move and flow in a way that takes my breath away. And i see if every day on the internet, people creating original quilts, stitch drawings, soft sculptures and other items.

I don’t always feel this way art on a canvas or a sculpture but i am amazed by any art or craft i cannot do myself.

Yes this is a plush sculpture!(not a toy)

Why wouldn’t sewing or sewn items be considered art by those in the art world?

Could it be that craft arts could be viewed as inferior due to being historically associated with women? and that historically well known artists are men? This is going into art and sexual politics (too much for me) *disclaimer not a feminist

I think these views are changing. Although the world is moving towards industry and technology, sewn crafts and art is becoming revered. It’s becoming special, At least to people who can’t or don’t want to do it. The art world will catch on one day i hope.

In the meantime keep enjoying looking and making your art.

4 thoughts on “Is sewing Art?

  1. i'm giving it a go, i did my own little drawing with laundry sharpy and i'm stitching on it. quite fun. Don't think it's art but more artistic than making my usual stuff

  2. It's definitely an art! I've seen really beautiful pieces that must have taken way longer than most paintings and other art pieces. Dedication and creativity is what makes it an art!

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