Crafty Spring Clean

 I had a bit of a spring clean last week, actually who am i kidding it’s still happening!

There’s a few things i do every time i have a major clean that might be useful to some of you.

Tidy and put away
I grab my laundry basket and walk from room to room putting items that don’t belong in that room in my basket then as i go to the next room i place items that belong in that room from the laundry basket where they belong. it saves so much time! I also try to concentrate on one room at a time. carrying a “cleaning kit” with me to each room also saves from going back and forth to where the cleaning supplies are. I leave the floors until the end.
Sort those toys!
This is the hard bit, cleaning out those toys. I’m very fortunate to not have emotional attachment to my kids toys. when they are broken they get chucked, when they are still good but don’t get a look in, off they go to the charity shop. this always needs to be done while the kids are NOT at home. and you know what my kids didn’t even notice there were less toys! and i got rid of two bags full!
Tighten it up!
I grab the tools, batteries and vinegar, i go around the doors and furniture and tighten all the screws, i replace the batteries in all the toys that need it and the remote control too!
I always check the screws on the doors, tables, chairs, beds and most importantly my son’s cot. His cot screws come undone pretty easy as he has learned how to jump on the bed! I use the vinegar to clean the window runners and light switches.
Bye bye spiders
I use lemon oil on a rag and attach it with elastic bands to the broom and sweep all the ceiling corners, It doesn’t stain, smells lovely and spiders hate it!
Sewing room madness:
It’s an ongoing project and the hardest. unlike the rest of the house i always clean the floor first. it’s covered in thread, random fabric pieces and the occasional pin. just cleaning and de-cluttering the floor makes a huge difference. I also get distracted by pretty fabric or buttons or all the things… I need to stay focused and seeing a difference straight away really gives me the reward to keep going! it’s really terrible! then i move from work area to work area. My cutting table, my sewing table, 1 draw at a time! I have piles give away, chuck and keep. unfortunately i keep to much when it comes to craft… It’s my weakness!