Time Management as a Creative

time management for creatives

Being creative and organised doesn’t go hand in hand (who would have guessed!) But when owning a creative business or having a busy life and being a creative person time management is a big deal.

We need time to enjoy our craft! I don’t know about you but for me sewing can be an escape or a stress…

I need things to be organised and have free (kid free) time to really enjoy sewing, with my life that’s hard! I’ve worked out what things really help me to achieve the time i need to successful design and sew my bags.

Work time:

Setting aside a time to work or sew. It seems simple but sometimes you just have to say ok the dishes can wait and the husband can hang out the washing and i just need to get in that room and sew.


Give yourself time to play, make something for yourself, try something you never have before and not be worried about “failing” which hardly happens in sewing because we can just unpick it most of the time… (right!)

I also think continuous education and fun sewing is really important to make time for. These things keep you interested, hopefully you don’t loose your sewjo! and will assist in improving your skills. There are lots of short courses online including lots of free ones.

Check out the sewing and designing courses on Craftsy (Affiliate link), on creativebug (Affiliate link) and skillshare


having information on hand about what your doing is really important. when designing i like to have information regarding conversions or notes about what i’m designing right on hand.


When sewing i always have my seam allowance cheat sheet up in front of me, it means i usually don’t have to keep referring to those well loved patterns i use all the time.


I also found this awesome PDF Printable Projects tracker (affiliate link) by Patchwork Posse. This is amazing and lists like this keep me on task. I am forever having to rein myself in after going full creative with a new fabric and forgetting the 10 projects that have to be sewn up before a market on the weekend…


The ability to say NO!

Sometimes you just have to say no… Sorry i’m far too busy at the moment.

My biggest thing i say no to is mending. I hate mending most of the time but mostly i hate the pressure of mending someone elses thing. so I say no i don’t mend. I recommend people who mend.

If it’s adding a button or snaps, that OK. I can teach them how. it’s fun. But insert a zipper and take up some pants… NO. Just because i sew doesn’t mean i mend.

This saves my time and my stress levels and i say it quite easily now.


This is my biggest thing and trust me there are always going to be other things that need doing, life doesn’t stop. My house is not spotless and my 2 year old said ” your always busy mummy” to me this morning. Sometime you do need to have time out and go no, i’m going to play a pirate game with my boys today!

But part of that is also knowing then you need to get back to it and work hard to achieve goals. Procrastination (ahem… TV) gets to me a lot! setting out “work time” really helps to not procrastinate too.

I saw this guide to procrastinators the other day and it gave me a chuckle because i think i fit in to almost all of these! My Advice hard and horrible things that NEED to be done first get them done, then do the fun things!

Graphic credit 20px.com

I hope all this advice assists in your time management, it’s a struggle that doesn’t really stop, just like business.

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